Cameras, I have a few. For years, photography was a daily part of my life. If you google my name, the images returned include photos on people’s walls, in newspapers and used by organisations, even a book cover. Though it’s never been my day job.

But…it’s been years since I picked up a proper camera, I’ve even given one away. When I picked up a twitter friend’s camera recently, I was a little panicked, it felt alien and quite scary. But then the comfort, the naturalness settled in and It’s made me realise how much I miss the expression it gave me. This is partly why I’ve created The_Artful_Muse.

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Sinful Sunday

Recipe for a Muse cocktail


2 shots of sublime submissive

1 shot of delectable domme

1/2 a measure of masochist

A twist of subtle sadism

Add a generous dash of sensuality and a slither of full on body contact

Mix ingredients over large quantities of smiles and giggles

Serve in a selection of sensual silk and satin ☺️

Disclaimer: it’s no where near perfect 😉 but a fun cocktail for private consumption

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Sinful Sunday