Healthy mind, healthy body πŸ’•

Have been focussing this year on trying to be a little kinder to myself, eating healthier, walking more again, practising yoga, pilates and meditation and trying to get the work / life balance more in perspective. Took this post yoga, pre yet another zoom call in the week πŸ’—πŸ’ Don’t forget to click on theContinue reading “Healthy mind, healthy body πŸ’•”

#FebPhotoFest: Day 28: And relax …. πŸ’‹

Final day of #FebPhotoFest2021 and I can honestly say I loved it! It’s felt really creative and I am super happy with most of the photos! It’s such a fun thing to take part in and huge thanks to the lovely and talented @Mollysdailykiss for such a great idea, her organisation and her passion forContinue reading “#FebPhotoFest: Day 28: And relax …. πŸ’‹”