Tummy control

Early on this year I was walking with a lovely friend and in her no nonsense manner she said to me offhand, “If theres one thing you can control in all this, it’s what you eat”. Strangely that’s stuck with me day in day out and as I tweeted earlier this week, I really love my tummy right now. It’s happy as I’m being much more thoughtful and careful with what I put in it and I’m happier with it as it’s flatter than it’s been in years ☺️💕

Don’t forget to click on the lips to out the amazing #SinfulSunday images that have been posted this week 💋Sinful Sunday

8 thoughts on “Tummy control

  1. I have found it hard through this to control that if I am honest. When everything feels a bit empty it is easy to eat a bit more ice cream BUT getting a dog has meant I move even more now than I ever did so I think mostly the balance has been maintained


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