Don’t judge a book by it’s a cover…

I love the secrets that lie beneath the surface, digging deeper to really see the whole person.

Both these images, taken minutes apart, rather different, but representing the whole Muse today. 💋Waitrose with a twist ☺️

click on the lips to see the other #SinfulSunday images that have been posted this week 💋

Sinful Sunday

13 thoughts on “Don’t judge a book by it’s a cover…

  1. Hmm……

    I wonder if you had a bit of a swing to your hips as you walked the aisles, knowing how fabulously you were dressed….

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  2. I love this, it’s something I think about now and again, what people might be wearing underneath unassuming clothing. Are they wearing pretty undies and feeling good about it?

    I rarely go out in anything as pretty as in that 2nd pic of yours, but the once or twice I do I always look completely different on the outside but I feel good on the inside knowing what I am wearing Xx

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  3. I do love going out knowing that underneath I am wearing something that most would not expect. For me it is often stocking or hold ups. Love these knickers by the way


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  4. You wear those beautiful undies so well. And I love the dichotomy here. That smile. All the things we hide beneath – and only certain lucky people get to see it! I’m happy to be one of those lucky people.

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