The Edit prompt

I asked the lovely Honey – to play with my breasts 😏 for the #SinfulSunday edit prompt. (Popped my sending tit photos via DM 🍒 ☺️)

Can’t lie, she’d edited it, returned it and I loved it, before I even sat down with a cup of tea to look at doing something with it myself.

So my edit was a half arsed affair and I love Honeys! But which would you choose?

Thank you gorgeous x

Honeys edit 😊

My edit:

Don’t forget to click on the lips to s amazing #SinfulSunday images that have been posted this week 💋

Sinful Sunday

10 thoughts on “The Edit prompt

  1. I love the joyful sparkles in Honey’s edit! I do slightly prefer your B&W version though because I’m a sucker for contrast, but the happy colour edit put a big smile on my face so it’s only a tiny tiny degree of preference

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