Choices, choices, choices

How we present ourselves to the outside world can take on many different forms can’t it? Like highlighting the parts you want people to notice, and hiding the areas you’d prefer they didn’t. Not just physically but our lives and families. I’m finding it difficult to decipher who I am right now (I know many of us feel the same) but that brought me to these edits…they’re all me, just a different presentation…

So, Saturday musings aside, here’s the original and three different edits, silly names but hopefully you get the point. Edited in the bath after dropping my knickers in the toilet! What do you think they say or which would you choose?

The original Muse?

Sun-brushed holiday Muse?

Fun and sparkly Muse?

Artistic/faded Muse?

Don’t forget to click on the lips to out the amazing #SinfulSunday images that have been posted this week 💋

Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Choices, choices, choices

  1. I love the way your hair drapes seductively around the curves of your breasts. Just beautiful.

    I too like the original Muse …. and the original photo.

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  2. I love your hair and it’s fabulous colours, the best one is the original because of that.
    But then it’s all sweet talk – or could actually be 100% the truth. I know which. X

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  3. It’s so strange and interesting how we all seem to struggle to identify who we are right now. Also lol you dropped your panties in the toilet? haha
    Three beautiful pictures! I like all edits and I’m not sure which one I like most

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