I is for Isolation and Inspiration

This photo was taken pre-Christmas by the lovely Focussed and Filthy. I spotted the second photo on my Twitter T/L this past week and it triggered a surreal connection (this may not make sense). I’m reading a book where there are no more religions, no governments and no more illness or death. This in itself is a brain fuck in terms of where we are in today’s reality versus the dystopian future in the book. But in the book, there’s also nothing new in terms of art, music, theatre as everything that could be discovered has already been discovered.

So that made me wonder of these two photos which I think have fairly strong similarities (though I’m not comparing myself to the person in the original at all!) are we already basically recreating that which has already been created? Is there anything new? Any new inspiration?*

*Disclaimer, I get very engrossed in normal circumstances in books but with isolation and high temperature, I think my brain is playing tricks on me

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Sinful Sunday

14 thoughts on “I is for Isolation and Inspiration

  1. I love the pairing of lace and argyle. It’s very nerdy/sexy. And that book sounds interesting. I, too, have a tendency to lose myself in my thoughts like this when I am isolated for long periods. I think it is getting to all of us. And I do think we are in a place where there are really few new thoughts or ideas to have…just new interpretations and personal ways of experiencing them.

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  2. I think there are very set poses and positions that we look really good in. This is why so many artist images of people look the same. You look fabulous in this image. And that’s why I took the shot. But I know I got lots of wonderful images of you … and there are many more I’d like to take.
    Missy x

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  3. Good god, you’re gorgeous!

    On the topic of “newness” though, personally I think no, there is nothing new and hasn’t been for probably hundreds of years but I don’t think that means that there is no point in creating. Just because everything has already been done doesn’t mean we have all discovered it.

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  4. What a beautiful picture! I always felt that innovation comes from pain and a need for change, art from the rainbow of emotions, and kindness from seeing hurt. So I can see why the perfect world leaves people stuck and lifeless.

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  5. I think the newness is about the combination of the subject and the artist or the piece and the person looking, reading, listening. Whilst there maybe similarities the reactions that creative work inspires will I think always have a newness about it for the person experiencing it. When I think about ballet, I have seen Swan lake twice, essentially the exact same ballet but the one I saw with Darcy Bussell actually made me cry at the end it I was so captivated by it but the 2nd time I saw it, also the Royal Ballet, it didn’t. Why the difference? Was it the performers, or my mood and feelings at the time. I suspect a combination but there was a newness of experience both times.

    Sorry I have waffled on and I hope this make some sort of sense


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  6. I know the book you mean – I saw it when you tweeted one of your book at bedtime pics. I think it’s a very valid point. At what point do we become incapable of creating something new?

    Saying that I think you bring something unique to this, something quite different to the other image. The softer light makes it much more personal.

    Have you read the second book in that series? I actually started it this morning!

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