Looking back #SinfulSunday

I have been feeling hard on myself. I’ve been unable to exercise for a few years and only got signed off by my consultant the Thursday before lock down. This was me a few years ago, looking back makes me feel sad but trying to find the motivation to get moving again is proving elusive.

BUT my arse is definitely better with padding 😏💋

Don’t forget to click on the lips to check out the amazing #SinfulSunday images that have been posted this week 💋

Sinful Sunday

10 thoughts on “Looking back #SinfulSunday

  1. That is a lovely piece of lingerie and I totally understand the struggle to accept body changes. In the last couple of years I see signs of aging in my body that was not there before. It has been a real challenge to find beauty in it when I think the world around us tells us that one type of look and youth is what is attractive, in women anyway


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  2. It can be so difficult to find body love and acceptance when we are stuck comparing ourselves to who we were before. It took me a long time to get there, and I still struggle some days, It is all about to accept where we are in the now, and then go forward, instead of striving backward. You look lovely now, and you looked lovely then. And I hope you will be able to see that too, one day. At least sometimes. Sexy lady ❤

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  3. Wow you look stunning. Love this lingerie on you. I’m sorry you’re struggling with body love, but I’m glad you feel okay sharing this with us, because you look really good and hopefully one day you’ll feel that about yourself too

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