#FebPhotoFest Day 29: Thank fuck for that

That felt long, I know it’s not exactly a marathon but I’ve been struggling with work and health and emotionally the past few weeks. I lost the will to photo and this was just another thing I felt pressured to do everyday. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it as I did.

But Thank fuck that’s over. And breathe…🥂

It’s the last day but click on the #FebPhotoFest lips to see how many amazing images were contributed over the last loooooong 29 days!
February Photofest

Click on the lips to see all the other wonderful #SinfulSunday images

Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “#FebPhotoFest Day 29: Thank fuck for that

  1. I love this shot. it really does capture that feeling of being wiped out too. I usually love Febphotofest and I did enjoy this year but somehow it felt just longer and harder than in previous years. I don’t think I was as prepared as I usually am and that made it worse. I am happy you joined in though, I thought your images were all so amazing. I hope you will look back and proud of the work you produced during this month.


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  2. I’m really glad that you made it all the way to the end because your pictures were all very awesome. I hope things will get less stressful soon and you can find the fun in things again. This is a fantastic picture!

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