17 thoughts on “Dreaming muse

  1. When I first starting joining it with Sinful Sunday I always felt the need to explain that filters and editing were what made the image good if people complimented me on it. Now there isn’t an image on my blog that hasn’t got a filter applied to it and I’ve grown to love that as part of my process. The image in its original state rarely tells the story I want it to, so I take time to make it right for want I want to convey, that in itself is part of the creative process, so I stopped apologising for it ages ago and you definitely should too. Your image above is stunning and it doesn’t matter how you got to that place, we’re all still here to enjoy it x

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  2. This is lovely – very ‘less is more’ sexy and the edits you’ve used make it so much more thoughtful. I love how you present yourself here.

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  3. I really like this picture! I always use at least one filter on my pictures. I see Sinful Sunday and the pictures I post on my not as simple nudes or selfies, they are art. And art is about expressing what you want to express, and if filters and edits help you with that, then it is all good!

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  4. I am echoing the others – I am a bugger for filters and like what Floss said, I feel sometimes the image won’t say what I want without it. The filter you chose works incredibly well here ❤ Image is beautiful ❤ Your space, your rules. x


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