I have a thing for socks…normal socks I enjoy wearing unmatched day to day, but long socks have to be matched (I didn’t say there was logic to this!). With all this working from home time I’ve been having fun with choosing socks I wouldn’t normally wear day to day ☺️

These were my socks for today πŸ’‹ the knickers I shared earlier 😏☺️

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Sinful Sunday

Bath & tea, life’s luxuries #SinfulSunday

It’s 4pm, I’m luxuriating in the bath with a cup of lady grey and chocolate wispa. Realise I haven’t taken a #SinFulSunday photo…β˜ΊοΈπŸ’‹

note: I don’t recommend trying to take a photo in the bath while holding a cup of tea and coughing 🀣 #teabath

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Sinful Sunday

#FebPhotoFest Day 29: Thank fuck for that

That felt long, I know it’s not exactly a marathon but I’ve been struggling with work and health and emotionally the past few weeks. I lost the will to photo and this was just another thing I felt pressured to do everyday. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it as I did.

But Thank fuck that’s over. And breathe…πŸ₯‚

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February Photofest

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Sinful Sunday


#FebPhotoFest2020 Day 1. #SinfulSunday Poised πŸ’‹

And #SinfulSunday prompt week: poised

I’ve been looking forward to this, but when reality kicks in, the photos are never what I think or expect. Here’s to a fun month πŸ’‹

The original I had in mind, Plus bonus (funny) out-takes πŸ’‹

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and the #FebPhotoFest2020 fun!!

Sinful Sunday
February Photofest


Those mornings where you wake up, the light streaming in through the window, your body awakens slower than your brain, slowly stretching your limbs, body heavy, a deep yearning need for touch…

…that sort of #SinfulSunday

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Sinful Sunday

Goodbye 2019…

I know I’ve not had a “blog” for that long but I’ve been getting braver each year I’ve been on Twitter. Mostly down to the lovely people of Twitter, their compliments and enthusiasm. Maybe it sounds conceited but I’m really happy that there are more than 12 photos of me I like this year, that’s a really big thing for a person who didn’t look in the mirror until the last few years. So these are a random selection taken over the last 12 months, either because I’m happy with them or the memory makes me grin a lot!

1) The first back in January is a simple snap but on a bright morning filled with sunlight that makes me grin.

2) Couldn’t decide with the next one but it was taken when I first met the beautiful @The_Other_Me. We got a bit tipsy and the clothes came off, there were also eclairs…

3) lingerie, I love lingerie and the textures of this skirt. What makes me grin, is the fact you’d never know what lies beneath, a lot like me I think.

4) I wasn’t sure if I should include this, it’s a little overt for me, but I’ve been told it shows a confident female, despite being in a submissive pose, very clear on what’s going to happen.

5) I like the pose, what was one of my favourite lingerie pieces and the edit if I’m honest.

6) I’ve already shared my love of rope, the feeling of being bound, manoeuvred into position. Next year I’d like to try more of this both being tied and doing the tying.

7) Probably the photo I’ve loved most this year, undressed, drinking bubbles, larking around and waiting…

8) Another with @The_Other_me from our girls weekend in the sun. We had another blast and there was much bubbles and lingerie πŸ₯‚ plus the buckle body, whats not to love.

9) Glorious sunlight ☺️

10) I spotted the silhouette and colours from downstairs and a it’s a quick snap but I like it.

11) I’ve been lucky to meet some gorgeous twitter people this year, who are supportive and crazy and beautiful. This, by the fabulous Focussed and Filthy is my absolute favourite of the year I think. Thank you, you beautiful woman.

12) My personal favourite of another fabulous weekend with twitter friends, much of it spent giggling, drinking, naked with cameras ☺️ taken by the lovely Focussed and Filthy

13) and cheeky Santa’s little helper 😏

Thank you for making 2019 a rather good year πŸ’‹


Prompt #130 ~ 2019 in a Nutshell



I absolutely love christmas, the lights, the presents (giving not receiving). So when the lovely @BlancoGoGo suggested #showusyourbaubles I couldn’t wait.

I had a little help with these, he took instruction fairly well until he decided enough was enough πŸ˜‰

As I couldn’t decide, I’ll add another. Which do you prefer?

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Sinful Sunday

Say what you see…

It’s only in the last few years I’ve really been able to look at myself in the mirror, I’m still not sure if what I see is the same as others. Nudity and being comfortable in my own skin still doesn’t come naturally either, it’s like something I try on rather than take off.
This mirror sits in the corner of a lovely room and it always calls to me as you can angle it just right, so you can see but also not see….

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Sinful Sunday


Cameras, I have a few. For years, photography was a daily part of my life. If you google my name, the images returned include photos on people’s walls, in newspapers and used by organisations, even a book cover. Though it’s never been my day job.

But…it’s been years since I picked up a proper camera, I’ve even given one away. When I picked up a twitter friend’s camera recently, I was a little panicked, it felt alien and quite scary. But then the comfort, the naturalness settled in and It’s made me realise how much I miss the expression it gave me. This is partly why I’ve created The_Artful_Muse.

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Sinful Sunday